Monday, October 27, 2008

A very busy month!!

This last month has been a little crazy. I won't even begin to tell you all the happenings in our family. A few bright spots included the planting of a new tree. It's a little hard to see, but it is right in front of the spade that Ms Olivia is holding. Olivia is learning about the environement at Daisy's and they gave every girl a sappling to plant. I hope this little tree makes it through the winter.
We went camping at Papa's house. The kids had a blast riding the four wheeler. Corey considered letting Olivia drive, with Gage on the back, but we all convinced him it wasn't such a good idea. Shortly after this picture was taken Corey got on the back and Olivia floored it. Good thing Corey acted quickly or they would have driven right into the side of the garage at full speed. Everyone had a blast.

We spent some time at Gage's soccer tourney in Waterville. Aunt Renee, Uncle James and Craig made an appearance. Ethan loved playing with Aunt Renee.

Craig loved coloring in his Sesame Street coloring book. What a big boy!!

Finally, a look at my big guy. I love and hate this photo. I think he is cute, but looking way to old with his pre-teen hair cut and ipod. Wow, they grow so quick!!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess Olivia!!!

Olivia Ruth turned 7 this month. We celebrated this wonderful day by having a bowling princess party. Olivia was very excited to invite her little friends to a party. This was her first non-family party. Here we have a picture of a few of the princesses. Ashley, McKenna, Olivia and Breanne. Prince Gage showed his smiling face as well. A few Princesses had already left, and Ian and Ethan didn't seem to care to be in the picture. They all had a great time. There was bowling and dancing. Each of the girls took turns dancing in the fancy lights.

For her Birthday Olivia wanted breakfast in bed. Of course she wanted it in MY bed. Gage and Ethan helped to make her cereal, chocolate milk, strawberries and yogurt. She must have been hungry because she scoffed it all up (with a little help from Ethan).

She had a few presents to open that morning. Papa and Auntie Sandy sent her packages in the mail which she was so excited about. She got an American Girl doll from Mommy and Daddy. She has brown curly hair and green eyes, just like Olivia. And her name is Ruthie. Olivia has loved fixing her hair EVERY morning. Gage has also been caught playing with the baby, and Ethan just wants to know where his baby is.
I am still having a hard time believing that my precious little girl is 7 years old. I hope she will slow down a little bit, and wait for momma to be ready (do you think that will ever happen?)

Monday, September 8, 2008

An End to Summer!!!

It is over, done, finished complete. And I must say I am a little depressed about it. Labor day has come and gone, and now Summer is over. :(

To finish the summer off we took the kids to Dixfield camping. We camped with the entire Derouche family. I love those times. It is always so nice to get away from home and just relax. And for once the weather agreed, no rain during the day.

We all had a chance to spend some time with Jenn and Mariana at Memeres house also. Mariana has finally softened up to Gage a little bit. She actually put her arms out to him after a nap and cuddled with him for quite awhile. I know she doesn't look too excited, but they both seemed to enjoy their cuddle time.

Then the day arrived. It was too soon for me, but not soon enough for them.

THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!! They were so excited to pick out that first outfit, pack their back packs and get on the bus. Don't they look excited?!?!? I was a little sad, as was Ethan. Gage started 4th grade, and Olivia is in 1st grade at Bowdoin Central School. I will miss our long lazy days together. I enjoyed just going with the flow each day. Now it is back to the grind.

Good bye summer, we will miss you :(

Monday, August 18, 2008

Furbush Wedding!!!

This weekend was full of excitement. My cousing Michelle married her high school sweetheart Kevin. It was a much anticipated event. We were especially excited because Gage was asked to be the ring bearer. He was excited, but scared to death. He insisted that he would not walk down with "some girl", but was convinced when he realized she was only 2 and nobody would think that she was his girlfriend. We even bribed him with $5 and 2 Cokes if he would
1. Look up when walking down the isle
2. SMILE!!!
We have no pics of the isle walk, but he did look up:)

Here is a picture of Gage at the reception with Valerie, the Maid of Honor, Jason, the best man
and Kylee, the flower girl.

Gage swore that he would NOT dance. Poor guy did the right thing and EVERY person there decided to take their picture. He was such a good sport.

I was very excited to see that my brother and his wife could make it. They live in PA and don't make it up as often as we would all like. I forgot just how much fun we can all have together. Aren't they a beautiful couple.

Jenn and Allen brought their 2 oldest, Keanna and Alyssa. They were so excited to be there. Big Memere also had an awesome time. When she was ushered down the isle, Kevin , the groom, walked her. It was very touching. I am pretty sure she cried from the time she stepped into the church until she was at the reception. Love you Memere.

And for those of you who don't know, Micheal Phelps was at the wedding too. He took time out of his Olympic schedule to make this special wedding. Here he is just a few hours before his 8th gold medal race. Who would have thought that his training would include so much drinking and dancing!?!? It was a great night.

I can't believe that I forgot to put a picture of the couple. Hopefully I can find a good one and add it later.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mt. Blue Vacation

Well, a few weeks ago we had our "relaxing camping vacation". We look forward every year to this one week when we can go to Mt Blue and do NOTHING!! This year it didn't work out quite like that. This year Gage was just too good of a baseball player and made the Mt Ararat all star team. He was so excited, and so were we. Most of the kids on this team have played all stars before. His State tournament started on the first Friday of our vacation. The game was at 5pm, so we drove the 1.5 hour trip to Mt Blue in the morning to set up, then back to Bowdoinham for the game. After many rain delays they won, which was great. Back to Mt Blue we went (we arrived back at 10:30pm). Winning ment we had Saturday off from baseball. We had a wonderful day at the beach Saturday. Everything that Mt Blue should be.
Sunday Gage had a game at 9am, which ment we had to be in Bowdoinham at 7:30am. We were up and on the road at 5:30am. Olivia was able to stay at the campground with everyone (yeah Ivi!!). They lost the first game. Now this was a double elimination game, so they played again at 3pm. We had time to shower, do laundry and give Ethan a nap. They had an awesome second game and won that. So, back to Mt Blue for 7:30pm.
Monday was the next game. Now it was mid week, so his first game was at 3pm. This game was awesome!! Gage got on base, stole secondbase and then scored off a double hit by his best buddy Kyle. The game was called in the 5th inning due to the Mercy rule and we were on to the next game. There was a significant rain delay. The next game was due to start at 5:30pm. I think it finally started around 6:15. The fields were so wet that the other teams postponed until the next day, but our teams decided to play. We were initially ahead, but started to fall in the 4th. At the end of the fourth we were down 6-4. Then, they called the game due to DARKNESS!! Bummer, we lost because it was dark. No, wait!! That isn't how it works in Cal Ripken league. You have to finish the game. That means THE GAME CONTINUES ON TUESDAY!!! So, you say, Why not stay in town, just 5 miles down the road? Well, on this particular day we left Ethan and Olivia back at Mt Blue. Leaving Ethan overnight anywhere doesn't work well right now. SO, trip #4 back to Mt Blue. Arrive at 10:30. Ethan is sleeping. YEAH!!
Tuesday, back to Bowdoinham. Beautiful day! 2 innings, 30 minutes, sad loss and the series is over for us. It was a good time for Gage, but even he was sick of the car and just wanted to get to the beach. Back to Mt blue for one last time.
Wednesday, rain, rain, rain. The kids had fun searching for frogs. The adults had fun trying to keep dry, and we played a few games. There was talk of movies and the such, but we all stuck it out. Uncle James made sex-on-the-beach. YUMMY!!
Thursday we all woke up to destruction. It had rained 3-4inches in an hour and damage was done. Mike's first-up cover was destroyed. High winds had made a mess of things. I think only the kids had slept through the night. That day, for the first time I can remember, the Derouches gave in to the weather and started to pack up early. The Brennicks were the first to pack up, then the others followed. The weather forecast was calling for strong winds, thunderstorms and TORNADO watches. That was it, we had all had enough. Every day except Saturday had been full of Thunder and Lightning. 2 people had even been struck and killed early in the week. So, we made that one last trip to Bowdoin. I must say, it was nice to be warm and dry. We watched movies, ate popcorn, went bowling and to lands end. We even had s'mores one more time.
All in all it was NOT the relaxing vacation we had in mind, but was still some awesome family time. Can't wait for next year. (I believe the all star games are in June next year). Maybe next year we can schedule the weather a little better.

(I will add pictures soon)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Last week Gage and Corey went to the Portland Seadogs. Gage got the tickets as a Christmas gift at the family Yankee swap party. After fighting about who got to go with him for 6 months, Daddy won out in the end. We all thought there wouldn't be a game because of all the Thunder and Lightning, but in the end the sun came out and they had an awesome day.
If you check out the picture of "Corey the Rock Star" you will notice the redneck. (I mean the color of his skin, not the man). The sun really did come out and Corey got some nice color from it. I only wish I had a face on picture to show that only his left side was burnt.
As you can all see E-man is growing fast. I love this picture because it shows his AWESOME pitching arm!! Also, this is the last baby shower gift that I got. Thanks Aunt Renee, those crazy 3T gifts at a baby shower are awesome YEARS later. It's kind of sad to see him grow big enough to wear it. Wish he would stop now.

I pulled this picture out of the archives. It reminds me again of just how fast they are all growing. That is Olivia and McKenna sitting talking to Emily 3 years ago. These little girls were all in Big Girl school this year. Was Emily in Kindergarten too? Wow they grow fast. In only a few short years they will be bringing BOYS up to the fourth. I am excited to see pictures of this years fourth, but sad to miss it. I hope I don't miss any of these kinds of nights :

Anyone remember this night? How about you Aunt Kathy?

Monday, June 16, 2008

A week full of lasts!!

Last week was full of Lasts!! We started the week off with the Last Daisy night. Olivia completed her first year of Daisy's and earned all of her petal patches. Monday was the end of the year celebration and our entire family attended. I enjoyed watching her with all of her little friends, while Corey "enjoyed" dealing with the screaming E-man.

Olivia & Ms. Tina

Olivia's last day of Softball was Wednesday. They had a little party afterwards, which I of course had to miss. I was at work receiving a Pin and Rose for 10 years of service. Yeah Me!!

Gage also had his final soccer game. They played great this spring. This week was also the tryout for next falls team. There were 20+ kids trying out, but we are confident that he will be playing with the same team next year. He loves his soccer team.

Saturday, Gage had tryout for the all star baseball team. Once again 20+ kids tried out and Gage was one of 12 to make the team. He is very excited about playing. These are the best 9 year old players in our area. His favorite position is catcher, but they had him trying out at third base, and he also pitched an inning. We will post his schedule when we know it. I am pretty sure that the State tournament is the same week as Mt Blue, so we will be taking off, where the Brennicks are finally done. See you all in 10 years or so when this sports stuff is over.

OH WAIT!! E-man hasn't even started with sports yet. I guess we have 15+ years of this sports mania to go. I am tired just thinking of it. Wish us all luck!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Silly Busy Days

The last few days have been fun filled days. I had the pleasure of babysitting Mariana on Monday. (First, note that is not Marina :) After not too much sleep, and a rather cranky morning, I found my way to the sillyness of little ones.
Trust me, they are having more fun then it looks like.
Tuesday I worked at night and Corey had the joy of being home alone with the kids. He too found his way into sillyness.

I'm so happy to see that the sillyness is everywhere.

Wednesday was a pretty basic day. Olivia had softball (sorry, no pics), but Gage's baseball was cancelled.

Thursday was another slow day. I worked and Gage had a baseball party.

Today started out slow, but then Steve showed up. Steve is our contractor friend who came to take down our garage/shed that has been slowly falling down on its own. Ethan awoke from his nap to see many "twucks" in the drive way. He was so excited. Olivia and Gage even made it home in time to see the destruction.

So, that has been my rather boring week so far this week. Nothing much going on this weekend. Just gardening, baseball, graduation party, soccer and sealing a driveway. Shouldn't take but a few hours to do all of that :) Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely rain and is ready for the sweltering heat this weekend.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

E-man turns 2!!

I can't believe that my little guy is 2 today!!! It seems like just yesterday I was dying to GET HIM OUT!! He is all the joy that I thought he would be. The perfect addition to our already crazy lives. He came into our world with a mighty scream, and he continues to add that bit of oomph too our lives. I love to hear him yell to me "mama", or when he changes everybody's name to a J name. Gage has become JaJer, Kyle is JoJo. Then there is Olivia, or shall I say Ibby. He is our little bundle of energy. Our crazy little "bugga boo-boo".

Happy Birthday little man!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My 3 Crazy kids

Here they are. My 3 crazies. G is the althetic brainiac. He loves all sports and math. He's kind of a geek, but that's a great thing in my house. O is the craziest one. She loves to dress up in pretty dresses and then go look for bugs or climb trees. She would wear her hair all crazy afro every day if we would let her. E-man is the baby. He is full of energy and keeps us active all day long. He is lovey dovey one minute, and beats you up the next. Well, that is an intro to them.

It all begins

I am new to blogging. I am hoping to use this space to share stuff about my life. I have been married to C for almost 12 years now. We have 3 crazy kids, G, O, and Eman. I work as a labor and delivery nurse at the local hospital. We will see where this goes.