Monday, June 16, 2008

A week full of lasts!!

Last week was full of Lasts!! We started the week off with the Last Daisy night. Olivia completed her first year of Daisy's and earned all of her petal patches. Monday was the end of the year celebration and our entire family attended. I enjoyed watching her with all of her little friends, while Corey "enjoyed" dealing with the screaming E-man.

Olivia & Ms. Tina

Olivia's last day of Softball was Wednesday. They had a little party afterwards, which I of course had to miss. I was at work receiving a Pin and Rose for 10 years of service. Yeah Me!!

Gage also had his final soccer game. They played great this spring. This week was also the tryout for next falls team. There were 20+ kids trying out, but we are confident that he will be playing with the same team next year. He loves his soccer team.

Saturday, Gage had tryout for the all star baseball team. Once again 20+ kids tried out and Gage was one of 12 to make the team. He is very excited about playing. These are the best 9 year old players in our area. His favorite position is catcher, but they had him trying out at third base, and he also pitched an inning. We will post his schedule when we know it. I am pretty sure that the State tournament is the same week as Mt Blue, so we will be taking off, where the Brennicks are finally done. See you all in 10 years or so when this sports stuff is over.

OH WAIT!! E-man hasn't even started with sports yet. I guess we have 15+ years of this sports mania to go. I am tired just thinking of it. Wish us all luck!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Silly Busy Days

The last few days have been fun filled days. I had the pleasure of babysitting Mariana on Monday. (First, note that is not Marina :) After not too much sleep, and a rather cranky morning, I found my way to the sillyness of little ones.
Trust me, they are having more fun then it looks like.
Tuesday I worked at night and Corey had the joy of being home alone with the kids. He too found his way into sillyness.

I'm so happy to see that the sillyness is everywhere.

Wednesday was a pretty basic day. Olivia had softball (sorry, no pics), but Gage's baseball was cancelled.

Thursday was another slow day. I worked and Gage had a baseball party.

Today started out slow, but then Steve showed up. Steve is our contractor friend who came to take down our garage/shed that has been slowly falling down on its own. Ethan awoke from his nap to see many "twucks" in the drive way. He was so excited. Olivia and Gage even made it home in time to see the destruction.

So, that has been my rather boring week so far this week. Nothing much going on this weekend. Just gardening, baseball, graduation party, soccer and sealing a driveway. Shouldn't take but a few hours to do all of that :) Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely rain and is ready for the sweltering heat this weekend.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

E-man turns 2!!

I can't believe that my little guy is 2 today!!! It seems like just yesterday I was dying to GET HIM OUT!! He is all the joy that I thought he would be. The perfect addition to our already crazy lives. He came into our world with a mighty scream, and he continues to add that bit of oomph too our lives. I love to hear him yell to me "mama", or when he changes everybody's name to a J name. Gage has become JaJer, Kyle is JoJo. Then there is Olivia, or shall I say Ibby. He is our little bundle of energy. Our crazy little "bugga boo-boo".

Happy Birthday little man!!