Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My 3 Crazy kids

Here they are. My 3 crazies. G is the althetic brainiac. He loves all sports and math. He's kind of a geek, but that's a great thing in my house. O is the craziest one. She loves to dress up in pretty dresses and then go look for bugs or climb trees. She would wear her hair all crazy afro every day if we would let her. E-man is the baby. He is full of energy and keeps us active all day long. He is lovey dovey one minute, and beats you up the next. Well, that is an intro to them.

It all begins

I am new to blogging. I am hoping to use this space to share stuff about my life. I have been married to C for almost 12 years now. We have 3 crazy kids, G, O, and Eman. I work as a labor and delivery nurse at the local hospital. We will see where this goes.